One month with a C100PA Chromebook

I've been using an Asus C100PA as my main home laptop for the last month, switch from a Macbook Pro, which I've let another family use as they needed it more than me.

The C100PA is an 10 inch touch screen Chromebook that folds round into tablet mode, so it's really replaced both my Macbook Pro and iPad.

I used it for general web and gaming.  Like most new Chromebooks this can run Android apps to, so here a breakdown of the main things I use:

General Stuff
Chrome (Obviously!)
DataVault Password Manager (Android)
Kindle (Android)
Zoho Mail (web)
Firefox (Android)

Alto (Android)
Sonic 1, 2 (Android)
Mame4Droid (Android)
ePSXe (Android)
Speccy Emulator (Web)
Prof Layton (Android)

Here's a few Pros and Cons:

No nagging about updates!!!
Tablet/touch screen mode works as well as my iPad
Bluetooth mouse works fine
My 3in1 Gamepad controller works fine so I can use a Gamecube controller
A surprising number of android games support Gamepads
Battery life is good.

External screen limits to 1024x800 (this is the biggest con so far)
Most Android apps can't access the SD card.  This impacts on things like the PS1 emulator, where the file sizes are huge.

I'll update the list as I find more...

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