Downgrading iPad 2 to iOS 6

OK, this may seem an odd topic, but if you've got an iPad 2 and have made the mistake of upgrading to iOS 8 you've probably found that it so slow that you've abandoned it.  Some clever dev has found a way of downgrading to iOS6.13,  which makes your iPad run really quickly again.   I'm now using mine everyday again.

This youtube video explains how:

Some extra instructions from me:

Getting 8.4 to Jailbreak was the hardest part. To Jailbreak from a Mac you have to use TaiG rather than PPJailbreak.

You must install a fresh version of iOS 8 via iTunes to get the Jailbreak to work.  When you do the initial setup, don't login with your Apple account or set a passcode.

If the Jailbreak fails, try again a couple of times.  If it still fails, reinstall iOS 8 as above an try again.

Once you've got Jailbreak to work, just follow the instructions in the Youtube video.

Once it's done, you'll find most apps work, but with older version.  Safari seems to browse most web sites perfectly well, and Mail etc are all good. You soon get used to the older looking interface.

Apps that work fine for me (including some on older versions, but with no obvious difference):

BBC News
Monument Valley
MyFitness Pal
Google Maps

Apps that don't work/aren't available

BBC iPlayer
BT Sport
Apple Music

Apps that work but with a much older iphone version:

iPlayer Radio

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