Windows Phone Stats

A quick update on my experience with Windows phone.

Firstly, the whole process has improved massively over the last week - really quick review times, and up-to-date stats.

Downloads have been OK as well.  The first app that I put up has passed 1000 downloads, with download rate roughly in line with iOS and Android.  The pattern seems to be a gradual build up of downloads over the first few days, then it reaches a steady level.  That is similar in my experience to Google Play, and unlike Apple and Samsung stores, which start off big and then drop.

Admob monetization via banner ads isn't really working though. My eCPM's for this app with Admob  banners over the last week areas as follows:

Android: £4.01
Apple: £4.07
Windows: £0.13

The problem seems to very low quality ads on Windows - building services, credit cards, phone sims etc.  I haven't won't seem a game Ad.  Of course, this might just be an issue with Admob.  Given the difficulty of integrating ads into Windows Cocos2-x I'm not sure it's worth the effort.  At the moment on Onmobi and Microsoft Pubcenter seem to be the only options.  I was put off by Pubcenter as the web interface was like something from the ark. If you go to it in Safari you get:

We detected an incompatible browser type

You have reached this because your browser is incompatible with pubCenter.
Ad delivery compatibility
Our ads render in most javascript-compatible browsers.
Please upgrade to one of the following browsers

If Microsoft can't put together a cross-browser web site then it doesn't give me much hope for their ad service.

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