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In my last post I talked about submitting to other apps stores.  I've just given one other a try - Samsung Store.

This one is is quite different to the other alternate stores.  It seems to have much more in common with the Apple Store, with a thorough test process in place.  You can self certify (along with evidence) but for me the value of the store seems to be to have a third party give my app a thorough compliance test for nothing.

The upload interface is a bit annoying, and includes one of my real hates - a box that follows you down the screen as you scroll down.  If I scroll it's because I want everything to move!

Anyway, after about 5 days I got a rejection, because the way I implemented the 'Back' button to close the app didn't follow their guidelines. Fine, and actually useful feedback.

One issue was the feedback took the form of a zip file, that just unzipped to another zip file with a .cpgz extension, which in turn just unzipped to another zip file (infinite loop!).  I had to unzip it in Windows in the end rather than on my Mac to read it.

I've resubmitted by app, which wasn't that straight forward, as I find their web interface pretty non-intuitive.

P.S. Downloads from the other stores (apart from SlideMe, but I don't believe their stats) are rubbish. I'll leave it running for a month and publish the results.

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