Promoting with admob and iADs

I've always relied on organic app downloads, which works fairly well if you target the app to make it something that could be found by search  but now I've decided to have a small look at the effectiveness of iADs and Admob.

iADs requires a minimum payment of $50, paid by a separate credit card.  I decided to see if I could promote my best selling paid app, Stick Man Mega Sports.  

I used one of the default designs and set it for the minimum values - $50 campaign, $10 per day, with a bid of $.010 CPC. Apple took 2 or three days to approve it before it went live.

Its been run for three days, and has shown just over 300,000 ads, which sounds great.    That generates about 100 clicks a day.  Here's the bit that isn't so good.  The conversation data show zero.  To be fair, it's not updated for nearly two days.  The app has had a few downloads in the last few days, but I don't know if any are due to the add campaign.  I'll publish an update when the campaign has completed, but it's clear it won't cover costs.

The next one, with Admob, was for my golf game Stick Man Mega Golf, which is free and ad supported.  Entry cost for Admob is much lower - £1 a day, allowing a bit more experimentation. I've got a bit more data on this one.

Here's the data:

Impressions:  36,089
Clicks: 348
Cost: £6.94
Conversions: 11
Cost per conversion: £0.633

Obviously it's a very small data set, but it shows that AdMob banners do have some effect on free ads.

My income per user is my much less than £0.633 per day, so it's a pointless to use Admob to can a small number of users per day.  This app gets about 50 downloads a day through general search.

It does, however, show how this could be used to boost chart position.   If, for example, I could afford to pay £5000 a day, this would push my daily downloads to around 8000 a day.  I'm guessing this would give a decent chart placing, which I guess would lead to a more visibility, which would increase downloads after the campaign stops. Sadly I can't afford to try this!  However, I am going to see what happens if I target a single country, to see if I can increase downloads and therefore have any effect on chart position just there.  My chart positions on Android are always lower than App Store, despite the fact I get more downloads on Android (my guess is that Android downloads are more evenly distributed).  On Android, my highest chart placing (only around the top 500 sports) come from South Africa, so I'm only going to advertise there, and see if I can affect chart placing at all with a very lost cost campaign. I'll post the results.

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