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So far I've published my apps on Google Play and Amazon Store.  A couple of days ago I decided to give a few other stores a go.  I'll try and give an updates on how it goes, as I couldn't find too much info on this.  All my Android apps are free ad supported.  I've tried with a couple of my most popular apps, Stick Man Mega Sports and Stick Man Zombie Attack.

A store that comes preinstalled in some lower end devices.  The upload process was very straightforward.  Analytics are easy to read.  After a couple of days I've had 5 downloads for Stick Man Mega Sports.

Apps are reviewed before being made live. I tried to put Stick Man Zombie Attack and Stick Man Mega Sports here.  The upload process isn't too bad, and Zombie Attack got reviewed and made live after a couple of days.    You get figures for web and store downloads.  It puts overall downloads at 410 in the first few days.  I'm pretty sure that doesn't equate to installs though, as that doesn't tally with my Ad impressions stats.

I've failed to get Mega Sports approved!  First it was because I had a link to another app, in the app store, and because I'd put my names as 'Border2' rather than a real name.  I current this and then I got a rejection saying '*AGGRESSIVE ADVERTISING MISBEHAVIOR: Display delay for interstitial ads in
order to force users to accidentally tap on the advertisements. '

Obviously I've done no such thing.  I'm just using the standard Admob code as per the instruction on the Admob site.  SlideMe support was no help on what they wanted to do.  When I asked people about it on another forum I just got very negative feedback on the approval process from other developers.

I'm tempted to give it one more try with an ad with a smaller timeout, just because the figures look quite good for my other app, although other developers have said downloads for them are terrible.


Very straightforward upload process but only two downloads in the first couple of days.


Terrible app upload process!  The form is like something from 10 years ago.  If you get something wrong you started again.  Then, after a couple of days my app got rejected.  The email said it could be one of about 20 reasons, ranging from incorrect icon size to copyright violation!  I've looked through my submission but can't see what is wrong, so I've contacted GetJar support. Haven't heard back yet.  

Not the best upload process, but OK.  Zombie Attack was approved this morning (after a couple of days). Too early to get any details on download stats.

If any of the stores get more downloads a put a different ad id on it, so I can see if downloads are translating into ad income, but the downloads are two low at the moment to make it worth it.

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