PlayTZX for Mac OS X

I've just got a version of PlayTZX work in in MacOS X.  It's a programme that takes TZX files and plays them as audio so they can be loaded on a real ZX Spectrum.

I found some old source code on World of Spectrum, last updated in 2003, and which wouldn't work on a modern OSX.  I've fixed it, and managed to get it to load 'Match Day' on my Spectrum.

It's a command line application, which isn't much fun, so I'll add a GUI and make it available to anyone who wants it.


  1. I need that right now. I'm happy with command line :)

  2. You can now download it from

  3. Michael, where I can get MacPlayTZX? Can't find it anymore. Thanks.

  4. Hi Michael, Would love to get a copy of this. Would you be so kind as to make it available. Thanks