Developing for the Kindle Fire

I bought a Kindle Fire this week. One think that struck me was how poor the apps are compared to the Apple AppStore.  I'd assumed there was no approval process.  Problems include apps just not working, the layout being wrong, not working when you turn the device upside etc - problems you just don't get on iOS.  As an example, the free app of the day today is a 3d diving game - a game Amazon presumably picked out. You can read the instructions though because it goes off the edge of the screen.

Initially I assumed this was because there was no app approval process, because how can you get apps so wrong when you've only got one or two screen sizes to deal with?  Looking into it though, it looks like there is a fairly stringent approval process, but apps in the store have to work on any Android device!

Now, maybe I've got this wrong, but I don't think so.  So Amazon are throwing away their one key advantage - lack of hardware fragmentation.  This is something that would make the Kindle attractive to iOS developers, and surely massively increase the quality of the apps.

Or am I wrong?

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