Raspberry Pi ZX Spectrum Microdrive case

Here's my Raspberry Case.  As you can see, it's housed in a Spectrum Microdrive case! Don't worry, it was a broken one.  

For those of you too young to remember, the Microdrive was the Spectrum's version of a disk drive. It was actually tape, and was a real revelation to me as a young programmer.  

I've fitted it so the SD card goes in where the Microdrive cassette used to go.

See my other post to see how to get a Spectrum emulator running properly in full screen.


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  2. I just picked up a microdrive to do the same thing, but using a new rpi zero w - any shots of the interior? Looks like you made holes in the case rather than routing the wires to the rear ledt and right where there will be holes for the interface 1 slot?


  4. can you remove the raspberry pie and get the microdrive to take an sd or compact flash and read and write data to it please?