BlockShift update submitted

I've just submitted an update to BlockShift, which adds support for Game Center.

I've not updated this for quite a while, so it started in XCode 3. I foolishly clicked the 'Validate Settings' tab in XCode which caused me a couple of problems.

Firstly, it treated a bunch of what were previously warnings as errors..

assigning to property with 'readonly' attribute not allowed

... when I assigned a color to a CCMenu, which always seemed to work fine.

I had to go through and change this to assign the color to the label in the menu items instead - tedious.

Secondly, I had a validation problem (Failed Validation) as it said it required armv6. As far as I could so I had everything in place for this (armv6 and armv7 everywhere in the compiler options). No joy, so I ended up setting the minimum OS to 4.3 rather than 4.2, which at least means it validated OK and I could submit it.

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