Why has Stick Man vs Zombies had more downloads than my other games?

I never do anything to publicise my games, other than this web site. So the only publicity they get is being in the recently added section in the App Store for a few hours. Most game get most downloads in the first day, and then quickly fade away. But not Stick Man vs Zombies, which has consistently had 50 - 150 downloads a day. Why? I don't think it's my best game (that would probably be BlockShift) or my most polished (that would be Neon Invaders). My son thought it was just because it had Zombies in the title, so made Dodging Zombies in the Dark. That followed the same short timespan of the other games. So why the difference? Is Apple Genius recommending it? Maybe. But to be honest I've no idea really.

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