Downloads update

Latest stats:

Stick Man vs Zombies 16,495
BlockShift 681
Doodle Rocket Ship 633
Retro Invaders 257

Doodle Rocket Ship is slowing catching up with BlockShift, with a small increase in downloads after the last update.

I'm still disappointed with Retro Invaders, as I think it plays really well. Maybe it's just too derivative, also for my money the other invaders games on iPhone just don't play well, or maybe nobody is interested. The other possibility is that the minimalist black and white art style is putting people off, so I've developed a sister product, Neon Invaders, with a bright (you've guessed it) Neon style. That's just been submitted to the App Store. It's my first game to have Game Center in at the start.

My next game is going to be a zombie shooter, as I'm intrigued if it the zombie work that's caused stickman's downloads. Maybe a Neon zombie game.

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