Right. Here's the plan. RetroStyle gaming for IOS. Not a new idea I know, but still one with plenty of room for further exploration.

Background. I've programmed a lot - from Spectrum onwards, but I've never been a full time developer. Most of my paid-for work has been in house web (intranet, VLE) and tools for managing things like MS-active directory. For fun I programmed loads of games for the Spectrum when I was a kid, and have dabbled on various platforms for fun over the years - Blitz Basic on the Amiga and PC was one of my favourites. I've not programmed Apple stuff for years, although I used to do loads of development for System 7 era Macs using Pascal. I'm OK with C, C++, C#, Java Visual Basic, .Net etc, and also did a game in Scratch (based on Smalltalk, but with a graphical interface). So some background, but no Object C.

So where to start?

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